Commons at Cheat Landing

Morgantown, WV


Owner: Zerkel Holdings, LLC

Completed: TBD

Cost: $27 Million

Size: 242,000 Square Feet

Contractor: TBD

This project focused on the ideas of New Urbanism, which promotes a walkable neighborhood containing a wide variety of building types. The program consists of 177,000 square feet of apartment buildings, an 8,000 square foot clubhouse, five 3,600 square foot duplexes, two 6,300 square foot retail buildings, and a 35,000 square foot office park. Green areas, such as parklets and a central courtyard between the apartments, provide the community not only areas to recreate, but buffer zones between each programmatic use. Altogether, this high end development achieves its goals and sets a new precedent for the Morgantown area.  Because the project failed to receive approval of a deed modification, the planning process is on hold.

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