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WVU College Park

Morgantown, WV


Owner: American Campus Communities

Completed: Summer 2014

Cost: $33 Million

Size: 258,000 Square Feet

Contractor: The March Westin Company

Paradigm Architecture and American Campus Communities were contracted to design a premier mixed-use state-of-the-art housing community located in close proximity to the University's Downtown Campus on 10+ acres.  Of extreme importance to WVU is the integration, impact, and fit of this project with the University’s 2020 “strategic plan for the future.”  Given the property's proximity to the Downtown Campus of the University and access to existing and planned University education, administration, and student use buildings, of key importance to the Project is its ability to achieve a balance between the various potential housing market uses of this strategically located property and the mission and educational goals of the University.

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