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The Terrace at Tibb's Run

Morgantown, WV


Owner: West Virginia Botanic Garden

Completion: Summer 2022

Cost: $3 Million

Size: 5,560 sf

Contractor: The March-Westin Company

Located at the West Virginia Botanic Garden in Morgantown, West Virginia, this event center will host a variety of events including weddings and conferences.  The goal of the center is to provide funding to further the master plan and agenda of the Garden. The building is carved into a wooded area and situated on top of an hillside in order to not take away from the natural setting while mainting wonderful views of the historic reservoir and basin. The roof forms, large storefront glazing, and "floating" outdoor terrace maximize the potential of these views and create a vibrant and memorable atsmophere. Careful consideration was taken in regards to material selection. Exposed wood beams, cedar shakes, stone, and earthtones reflect the vision of the garden which "is one of careful transformation, enhancing the natural qualities of the site while retaining the site’s existing natural beauty."

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