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Mylan Park Aquatics Center & Track Complex

Morgantown, WV


Owner: Mylan Park Foundation 

Completed: Winter 2018

Cost: $39 Million

Size: 87,500 Square Feet

Contractor: The March-Westin Company

The new 87,500 SF Aquatic Center will be designed to accommodate several water-related activities. The first component is the competition swimming and diving venue. This portion of the project includes a 50 meter, eight-lane Olympic-quality swimming pool. The pool will feature a movable bulkhead allowing for subdivision into two pool areas for smaller competitions, classes and activities. The compentition area also includes a diving pool with a full 10 meter platform diving tower and springboard diving for one and three meter competitions. Also included are hot and cold plunge pools. The facility can accommodate 1,200 spectators and features locker rooms for community and collegiate teams, a safety center, public restrooms, administrative offices and classrooms.

The second component is the indoor recreation pool offers many activities for the community.  The pool is designed for easy entry, splash and sporting activities, and exercise in the lap pool area. A water slide offers additional entertainment for members and guests. The recreation pool is adjacent to the outdoor terrace featuring additional splash zone activities for children and lounging areas for patrons.

Adjacent to the Aquatics Center is a state of the art Track & Field facility  made up of a 10 lane track, seating for 1,000 spectators, and a 4,200 square foot Track Support Building. This building provides concessions, coaching and sales offices, storage, and restrooms on two levels to support the operations at the track and field for WVU and the community. 

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