Puskar Stadium Scoreboard 8-30-17-5-5
Puskar Stadium Scoreboard 8-30-17-7-7
Puskar Stadium Scoreboard 8-30-17-2-2
Puskar Stadium Scoreboard 8-30-17-10-10
Puskar Stadium Scoreboard 8-30-17-13-13
Puskar Stadium Scoreboard 8-30-17-8-8

Milan Puskar Stadium Scoreboard Addition

Morgantown, WV


Owner: West Virginia University 

Completed: Summer 2017

Cost: $786,000

Contractor: The March-Westin Company

The addition of a new scoreboard at Milan Puskar Stadium required a detailed study and analysis of existing conditions including structure, foundations, and utilities. In order to build the new scoreboard on top of the existing suites building, existing foundations and structure had to be upgraded. In order to do this, the design team formulated an efficient plan to minimize demolition in order to  properly reinforce and add new structure. The complexity of this project along with the tight construction schedule presented many challenges which were all met. 

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