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Two Waterfront Place

Morgantown, WV


Owner: Platinum Properties

Completed: Summer 2003

Cost: $35 Million

Size: 296,427 Square Feet

Contractor: The March-Westin Company

Two Waterfront Place is a 17-story hotel, conference center, retail, dining, and residential mixed-use facility in the Waterfront District.  The second floor features a 3,500 sf Fitness Center and 2,000 sf Day Spa. The ground level pool includes a hot tub feature and outdoor terrace facing the Monongalia River. Service functions and parking are positioned on the lowest level with the indoor swimming pool and terrace accessible to the rail trail.  The main level of the facility houses the lobby, restaurant, private dining, kitchen, administrative offices, and conference center.  The second floor has public retail functions such as the Day Spa and Fitness Center and additional meeting rooms and offices. Floors 3 through 11 are hotel floors with a Presidential Suite on the 11th floor. Private, residential condominiums occupy the remaining floors.  The building required the High-Rise Code Life Safety features including smoke management, emergency generator, and fire command center as well as the traditional code elements.

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