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US Department of Energy

Morgantown, WV


Owner: FD Partners, LLC

Completed: 2009

Cost: $10.7 Million

Size: 60,000 Square Feet

Contractor: dck North America, LLC

A new sustainable office and records storage facility for the United States Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management which was awarded through a Design-Build Competition sponsored by the General Services Administration.  This one-story building includes 37,000 square feet of NARA Certified Records Storage space, including a 1,200 square foot Cold Room, and 23,000 square feet for administration. The administration portion includes both open and individual office space, several conference rooms, a wellness center, locker rooms, a data center, a public research area, and an area for receiving / processing. 


Because sustainability and environmental responsibility were of utmost importance, the design solution concentrated on limiting energy and natural resources.  The use of natural light was prioritized throughout the Administration wing.  The building not only gathers indirect natural light through clerestory windows, but also light shelves were installed to bring light deeper into the space.  Each room has daylight and occupancy sensors so that the artificial lighting can adjust to amount of natural light or turn off if there is no occupant in the room.  The restrooms include waterless urinals and low-flow toilets to limit


LEED Gold (Core & Shell) | LEED Gold (Commercial & Interiors)

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