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US Department of Agriculture

Morgantown, WV


Owner: Glenmark Holdings, LLC

Completed: 2009

Cost: $7.5 Million

Size: 36,000 Square Feet

Contractor: The March Westin Company

The USDA project was awarded through a Federal Design-Build Competition sponsored by the General Services Administration. This facility houses five agencies of the USDA including: the Credit Union, Rural Development, Farm Services Administration, Natural Resource Conservation Services, and the USDA Information Technology Services. The project has served as model for development in the Sabraton area.


Paradigm designed a new facility to house the various agencies of the United States Department of Agriculture housed in the Federal Building in downtown Morgantown. Support groups such and Information Technology and the Tri-Ag Federal Credit Union will be located in the new facility as well.  The program required Federal security standards related to the building, roads, and parking area. Common areas were required for conference/training rooms, break room, mail room and fitness center.  In addition, the project was required to achieve LEED Certification.


The security standards established the perimeter setbacks and the limitations in property width dictated that only visitor parking could be located in front of the building with employee and secured parking in the rear.  This functions well because the Tri- Ag Credit Union requires public access and visibility.  The remaining agencies generally function as traditional office environments.  The southern and western faces of the building are defined by larger window sections which are screened from harsh summer sunlight by an architectural colonnade and continuous sun screens. These treatments in conjunction with the use of three distinct masonry veneer materials add visual interest to a building that is basically a two-story rectangle.


LEED Certified

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